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Vision and Mission Statement

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The Story

On October 22, 2013, I signed a handwritten contract with myself and committed to become a master of 16 areas of my life.

I am a:

Self Healer
World Healer
Public Speaker

For one solid year, I read, memorized, chanted and ingrained this mastery list into my every day activities. I created it into a song to sing while exercising and washing dishes. I stuck the list on my walls, in my purse, and in my journals. I made this list the subject of conversation at parties and lunch dates with friends. In the winter of 2015, I took my commitment to self-mastery to the next level. My attention turned toward my role as director of the Million Kisses Foundation, and I began to explore the possibility of bringing the two together. This is where the idea for an enticing experiment surfaced.

What if I connected with 16 individuals across America who are mastering one of the 16 expressions from my mastery list? I named the recipients "mirrors". These mirrors have invested time, energy and money into their craft. Together we could create performances, workshops, and community events in cities all across the country. And as a celebratory gift of living their dreams, the Million Kisses Foundation would give them a little bit of kissed cash.

My thoughts drifted to a strong belief I hold in oneness. In an ideal world where we can see how connected we literally are, I believe we get to look with soft, fresh eyes at what we have been taught about competition, comparisons and criticisms. My truth is that the more I learn to celebrate myself, the more I want to celebrate others. So in this experiment...with the time, energy and money I give freely to my mirrors, am I not actually investing in my own commitment to self-mastery?

Yep, I thought so too.

This is an exciting venture for me. And you're invited to play! Check out the links and all the ways you can get involved. Perhaps we get to be mirrors too.

Celebrating you, Emily

Gift Economy

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Two Videos (sent earlier)

Some key points are:

A gift economy is fundamental to most traditional and indigenous peoples. Instead of money, the currency in a gift economy is relationships.
A gift economy is not based on charity or panhandling.
Gifting sustains and celebrates the values of humanity, such as sharing, cooperation, and family/tribal connections

Giving is based on an equal energy exchange. Many modern societies reinforce the accumulation of wealth. In a gifting economy, the cultural norm is to share wealth, with generosity being most respected. It is understood within the village that the more you give, the more you receive.
The Million Kisses Foundation is a legal entity, regulated under the United States tax code which allows for annual tax-free gifts of $12,000 per person to be given. That means that you may receive a gift of $12,000 from each of your friends, without being taxed, totaling up to $120,000 of tax free gifts per year. For the most current tax codes, please visit:
Givers to the Million Kisses Foundation sign a "Gifting Statement", which is a legally recognized document saying that the gift is not an investment of any kind. Givers understand that the law of attraction within a gift economy is the principle law upon which this kind of global familial activity flourishes.

Concert Tour

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May-October 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
Wichita, Kansas
Rutledge, Missouri

Chicago, Illinois

Ithaca, New York

Boston, Massachusetts

New York City, New York

Raleigh, North Carolina

Nashville, Tennessee

Austin, Texas

Albuquerque, New Mexico


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Paypal “Donate” Button

THANK YOU for your gift!

Humanity becomes a stronger and brighter family anytime there is an exchange of gifts anywhere on the planet. Expect the energy you give today will come back to you generously. Try it and see what happens!

Other gift ideas specifically to support Emily’s benefit concert tour:

attend a concert as an audience member, perform as Emily's back up musicians, gas or car service cards, accommodations, gift cards for food, equipment or services, public relations/marketing, social contacts/networking, photography/videography, donate your education/workshops, airfare credit, coupons for self-care services, be creative with your gifts!

Who We Are

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Link to

Emily Potter- Director

Lumina Cordova- Creative Partner

Michael Potter- Videographer (Million Kisses Promo)

D'Arcy Benincosa- Videographer (Tour Promo)

Christian Anderson- Web Designer


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Submit a proposal for your Benefit Concert! The Million Kisses Foundation is accepting applications for projects under these 16 areas:

Send to:

(Please note: We receive more requests than we are able to serve. All applications, however, are reviewed. We reserve the right to choose our mirrors based on private discretion without justification.)


Name for Nomination(You may nominate yourself)


What is your project? (How will you use the gifts from our evening together to uplift life for our global family?)

I am a ____________(choose one of Emily's 16 mirrors)









world healer

self healer







Our Energy Exchange


A benefit concert for you and your project
An Experiential Energy Workshop
A pow wow with you and me to distribute the gifts gathered that evening, based on needs and desires


Scheduling a venue for the performance
Gathering your audience
A pow wow with you and me to distribute the gifts gathered that evening, based on needs and desires